A letter i wrote….

Hello, I apologize for taking so long to respond. Your question made me go and do some thinking and reading. I thank you for this! Because I really was not clear on what the protesters want as well!  If i were a researcher or reporter I could delve in much deeper, but as an ordinary guy, I will be as honest and accurate as possible. You see, I do not have an executive telling me things, nor do i read a prompter like a television pundit.  First of all, it would seem they are concerned with the wealth gap. Then, perhaps the involvement of Wall Street in the financial “crisis”. According to NPR, a supposed leader of the movement mentioned being inspired by the Arab spring. As good as we have it here in America i would think that no one would bother, unless there were something wrong to get all active about. I am no activists, but I feel connected to these folks, and to a much lesser degree with the tea party. Mostly because the tea party has several well known powerful political players funding and manipulating that movement. So far as I can tell, “Occupy” has resisted all monies offered. Once i read “The Rebel” by Albert Camus. Much of it is challenging, and some of it so wordy that it did little teaching to me. I did glean one important thing from it, and it is that he mentioned that every revolution in recorded history that he found ended in revolution, bloody most of the time. My takes on this and if I were to give a state of the people address, would be a few questions. Since Ronald Reagan there have been high level bankers in the Oval Office. That seems alright to me at first glance, they Do need financial experts around. I would counter that there are some from universities that are just as capable as others, yet are not multi-millionaires. Space runs short, but I feel like the powers that be are just bought and paid for, as is the media, so it is frustrating to make an informed decision on anything, if one cannot trust provided information. I feel like humans are intelligent, mostly, yet the decisions our leaders make are based on nothing other than their own interests, and not as it should be. “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”
I feel that corporations, government, and Wall Street forget about ordinary people, and how important we are to the future of this republic.  We just want a fair chance, the truth when possible, and to stop being ripped off in the sake of greed disguised as ambition. I and fine being as I am. I do fear the amount of power that is wielded by pure money over the “rest” of us. Really? It is ok that one percent of folks have more wealth than All the other 99% Combined? Not to me. At any rate, I am grateful that you questioned me, because it made me take a hard look at what I feel they are upset about. And gave me a little opportunity to stand up for the 99%, even if in my own tiny way. Peace,

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