‘Twas the night of gonzo-nostalgia….

and suddenly there i was chatting with Phree Punch like we never had lost contact… cyclical life can be, and strangely, we both needed to get into a gonzo space once again… inspiration for me comes in the nick of time always, usually when im discouraged, and sets me forth on more adventures, fun and wacky tangents than i have the time to type. i liken it to a still pond of water, and Phree was the stone that started the ripple effect, helped me ride that wave, leads to others, namely my friend “MENuts” and his bro contributing to the silly stuff i do… we might as well be creative while we are sitting around. my path is never a direct one, the sights and sounds and smells, and the randomness of it all i love. if i get directions to the place, i am more than likely going to veer off, and see whats over there, behind that, beyond this… cuz there’s treasure to behold, mysteries to never solve, but wonder…. Wonder that is my friend.

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  1. Hello man! Nice site! I really enjoyed being here.

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  3. Would you be desirous about exchanging links?

    • I am not sure what you mean exactly, perhaps there is a language barrier here? Still I am glad you found my little journal… it is mostly just me putting down thoughts i have with little editing, Very personal things, and i am not trying to anything more than get into some writing again, as bad or good as that might be. Peace, “conan”

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